Underpinning Services in Fleet, Marlow
and the Surrounding Areas

From strengthening property foundations to preparing for an extension, we provide a full range of underpinning services to meet domestic and commercial requirements. Cornerstone Foundations UK provides expert underpinning, mini piling and foundation services, as well as wider groundworks, to deliver reliable solutions for any project specification.

Based in Wokingham, our groundwork contractors cover all major towns in Berkshire and the surrounding counties, including Fleet, High Wycombe, Marlow, Newbury and Reading.

Foundation Reinforcement

Underpinning is an effective way to reinforce existing foundations and maintain the building's structural integrity. Our process involves excavating pits to expose the current foundation before adding reinforced concrete with steelwork specified by the structural engineer. 

This is necessary when:

Adding Storeys

Adding storeys above or below ground puts pressure on the existing foundations. Underpinning is vital to ensure the foundations are strong enough to withstand the new load.

Subsidence Has Occurred

A change in soil condition can cause foundations to move, resulting in the building sinking or shifting. Where this has occurred, underpinning services can help correct the problem.

Foundations Can’t Withstand Ground Changes

If the original foundations are not strong enough to withstand ground changes, you may notice wide vertical cracks on walls. Foundation reinforcement provides the required strength.

Nearby Construction has Affected the Ground

Construction near existing buildings or structures can affect ground stability and weaken foundations. Underpinning provides the strength needed to maintain structural integrity.

Types of Underpinning

Our groundwork contractors are experienced in all types of underpinning, including:
We are adept at working with structural engineers and other industry professionals to deliver quality solutions that fulfil project requirements.
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Health and Safety

Cornerstone Foundations UK is committed to safe working practices. We uphold the highest standards of health and safety, which includes providing the following for every job:

Subsidence Treatment

We are experts in subsidence, helping clients in Fleet, High Wycombe, Marlow, Newbury, Reading, and the surrounding areas overcome issues related to shifting or sinking foundations. Various subsidence treatments exist, such as tree removal and resin injections, with underpinning being the most expensive and invasive treatment. Thankfully, less than 10% of properties suffering from subsidence need underpinning.
Our groundwork contractors assess the cause and extent of subsidence to determine if underpinning services are necessary. If required, we complete underpinning using the most appropriate method to resolve subsidence. Skilled in all types of underpinning, including mass concrete and piled underpinning, we have a solution for any situation.
Cornerstone Foundations UK - Experts in Subsidence
For underpinning services in Fleet, Marlow and the surrounding areas, please call 07436 364091 (Michael), 07887 836811 (Paul) or 0118 2030889 (Office).