Underpinning Services in Marlow | Restricted Access Piling
and Other Underpinning Methods

Underpinning is a way to strengthen existing foundations, but there are various methods of underpinning to suit different circumstances. The groundwork contractors at Cornerstone Foundations UK offer a range of professional underpinning services, including restricted access piling. If you need to reinforce foundations in Marlow or the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We specialise in subsidence treatment, foundation installation and basement conversions, providing tailored solutions for residential and commercial projects. Our services cover all types of foundations, including strip and trench-fill foundations. We also offer basement rebuilds and installations in addition to conversions.

Mass Concrete Underpinning

This is the traditional method of underpinning and involves excavating below the existing foundation in stages. We excavate one section at a time, filling it with concrete and letting it cure before moving on to the next section. These sections of concrete, or ‘pins’, are connected with multiple reinforcement bars.

Piled Underpinning

With piled underpinning, we drive or bore foundation piles into the ground, down to a level of firmer soil or bedrock. We offer restricted access piling, also called mini piling, for sites with limited space or sensitive requirements.

Base and Beam Underpinning

For this method, we dig pits along the outer wall, drop in steel frameworks and fill with concrete. This creates a reinforced concrete beam that adds support to the existing foundation. Beams can be positioned above or below existing footings.
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Which Method is Best?

The best underpinning services for your Marlow project will depend on various factors, such as the reason for underpinning and ground conditions.
In general, mass concrete underpinning is used for shallow depths and is ideal where access is restricted. It is suitable for heavy foundation loads, large structures and basement conversions.
Groundwork contractors use piled underpinning when soil nearer the surface is inadequate for supporting the load of the building and it is necessary to reach deeper, more stable soil. This applies to foundation installations for new builds as well as foundation reinforcement.
Base and beam underpinning can reinforce both shallow and deep foundations. It is an effective method for reinforcing foundations when adding storeys or changing the structural usage of a building.

Underpinning from an Experienced Groundworks Company

We are experts in all underpinning services, including subsidence treatments. Contact our groundworks company for the following services in Marlow and the surrounding areas:
The team at Cornerstone Foundations UK are reputable groundwork contractors that can meet any requirement.
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