Basement Conversions and Foundation Installations in Fleet
Foundation Regulations

There are many rules surrounding foundation installation, covering all applications, from basement conversions to new builds. The groundwork contractors at Cornerstone Foundations UK have extensive knowledge of foundation regulations and ensure all work complies with latest legislation. Below, we look at key regulations surrounding restricted access piling, underpinning services and all other types of foundation work.

When you need groundwork services in Fleet or the surrounding areas, get in touch with Cornerstone Foundations UK. We provide expert solutions for domestic and commercial projects, covering everything from site clearance and bulk excavation to subsidence treatment, augered piling and basement construction.

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Depth and Width of Foundations

The ideal depth and width of foundations depends on factors like the load-bearing requirements of the building being constructed, ground conditions and access. However, the design of foundations should comply with BS:8004 (code of practice for foundations).

Soil Testing

The Building Regulations specify to carry out soil testing prior to foundation installation to inform groundwork contractors on the required foundation size, type, depth and reinforcement. This ensures shallow and deep foundations meet safety and performance standards.


Site access for people and equipment must be adequate to maximise safety and provide space for manoeuvring. In some cases, restricted access piling may be necessary. We often use this solution for extensions, basement conversions and underpinning services.


When installing foundations in Fleet or anywhere else, it is important to consider the local environment to protect biodiversity, wildlife and habitats. For example, it may be necessary to minimise disturbance or preserve trees when completing foundations.


Concrete is the most common material used for foundations, with steel reinforcement where required. Ground conditions and project specifications will dictate strength, water ratio and aggregate size to ensure the concrete can support the building and changing ground conditions.


Waterproofing is essential for the longevity of foundation installations. It may include waterproofing membranes, drainage systems and moisture prevention, which are factored in at the design stage.

High-Quality Foundations in Hampshire

Call Cornerstone Foundations UK when you need reliable foundation and underpinning services in Fleet and the surrounding areas. Our groundwork contractors stay up to date with industry regulations to ensure all work meets the highest standards and is fully compliant. This includes:
  • Restricted Access Piling

  • Augered Piling

  • Subsidence Treatment

  • Deep Foundations

  • Shallow Foundations

  • Basement Conversions

  • Basement Construction

  • Bulk Excavation

  • All Site Enabling Works

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