Restricted Access Piling in Newbury
for Basement Conversions and Other Projects

Pile foundations are excellent for some projects, but they are not always necessary. Keep reading if you want to learn more about the applications of foundation piling, including restricted access piling and underpinning services. For expert advice and groundwork services in Newbury and the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to call Cornerstone Foundations UK. Our groundwork contractors are specialists in foundation installations, basement conversions and subsidence.

In addition to piling, we install a full range of foundations, including trench-fill and strip foundations. We also provide site enabling works for domestic and commercial projects.

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Why and When is Piling Required?

Piling is a type of deep foundation that is sometimes required to provide the required level of support to a new building or structure. In some cases, pile foundations are the best option for creating a stable foundation that resists movement.
Here are some situations when piling is required:


Our groundwork contractors in the Newbury area also use piling as a means of foundation reinforcement. Our underpinning services are required to strengthen foundations as part of extensions, basement conversions, basement installations and other developments, ensuring they withstand extra loads. In some cases, it is necessary to reinforce the foundations of buildings next to construction sites.

We also undertake restricted access piling and other underpinning methods to resolve issues with subsidence.

How to Tell When Piling is Needed

As with all foundation installations, it is important to have a structural engineer assess the site and project to determine the right solution. This will ensure foundations are suitable for the ground conditions and expected load and will remain stable for the long term, even if ground conditions change. At Cornerstone Foundations UK, our groundwork contractors work with structural engineers and architects to deliver industry-standard solutions for every project we take on in Newbury and the surrounding areas.
However, as a general rule, you are likely to need pile foundations if the ground is fragile or unsuitable on the surface, existing foundation trenches are unstable, or a significant load needs to be supported.

Piling and Underpinning Services in Newbury

Cornerstone Foundations UK offers professional piling and underpinning services in Berkshire and the neighbouring counties. We provide:
We also undertake various site enabling works and install all common foundations, such as strip foundations.
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