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Our Groundwork Contractors' Guide to Subsidence

Subsidence is a serious issue that affects the foundations of a property. When subsidence occurs, it is vital to remedy the situation with professional underpinning services. However, we know that subsidence can be confusing and scary, so we have created this guide to help property owners understand the problem and how to fix it.

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What is Subsidence?

When the ground beneath a property moves downwards, the building’s foundations sink. This is known as subsidence. Downwards ground movement typically occurs when soil dries out, or weakens due to excess water, such as when an underground pipe leaks.

The Signs of Subsidence

The following are some telltale signs of subsidence:
Cracks caused by subsidence are typically diagonal, wider than 3mm, wider at the top and located close to a window or door.

Fixing Subsidence

If you suspect subsidence at your High Wycombe property, you should contact a surveyor or your home insurance provider. The sooner subsidence is diagnosed, the easier it is to fix. A surveyor will inspect the building and may decide that the problem needs monitoring to determine if subsidence is the cause.
If subsidence is found to be the issue, it will need rectifying by professionals, such as the groundwork contractors at Cornerstone Foundations UK. In severe cases, we provide underpinning services, such as restricted access piling or mass concrete foundation installation, to strengthen foundations and prevent further movement. This is the most invasive method but is not always necessary.
Depending on the cause and extent, subsidence treatments include:

Preventing Subsidence

Around 70% of subsidence cases are the result of tree roots drawing moisture from the soil. Consequently, you can minimise the risk of subsidence by keeping trees a safe distance from your property and not planting any new trees within 10m of the building.
You can also help prevent subsidence by making sure water drains away from your property. Keeping guttering clear, using water butts and maintaining plumbing and drainage systems helps stop waterlogging of the ground around your building.
Furthermore, when undertaking building work like basement conversions, basement rebuilds or house extensions, it’s vital to follow regulations, otherwise subsidence can occur.

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